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MyBitSecure offers customised, discrete and specialised Open Source-based Information Technology (I.T) Security Solutions to Home users, Academic Institutions, Small & Medium Business Enterprises. We believe if you value Information Security focused solutions with other businesses, computers & users and don’t want to be limited by interoperability, proprietary data formats or homogeneous systems; Open Source-based I.T Security solutions are definitely the way to go!

Who needs MyBitSecure

Chances are one needs MyBitSecure if they;

Have an online presence in the form of a website and want the following:

  • Protect your Website(s) from hacks; that is, from website defacement, hosting of malicious services e.g. botnets, spam bots & unauthorised web-hosting server back-end access.
  • Authorize & monitor your Website’s Admin back-end login portal access & visitor traffic; block unauthorised users from accessing admin back-end portal, from say, making changes to the site’s content.
  • Secure backups for disaster recovery; secure local & remote backups scheduled & taken for site’s restoration in the event of a disaster.
  • Customised PHP Applications, anti-hacking & security solutions to suit your requirements; that is, Custom WordPress plugins, Mobile Apps, Custom API Endpoints, Websites and Templates development.


Run a computer network at Home, an Academic Institution, Small or Medium Business Enterprise an want to be able to do the following:

  • Prevent specific devices from accessing the internet or locally based network resources, access can be scheduled or block permanently ; e.g. prevent a specific computer from accessing a specific printer.
  • Prevent or block network users from visiting specific websites or internal web portals; prevent access to unauthorized sites & sites hosting bad content.
  • Monitor internet, local network & WiFi bandwidth usage anytime; reports that enable you to see what is or who is using a lot of network data can be generated.
  • Monitors websites being visited by network users; that is, see what your network users do on the internet most of the time in real-time.
  • Watch network traffic / throughput in real-time; see what is or who is slowing your network at any given time.
  • Block specific traffic or files from being downloaded by network users; e.g block the downloading of torrents from specific machines.
  • Prevent & monitor malicious network traffic; block bad traffic on your network; bad traffic can be due to a service, local network user or hacker who has gained access to your network and is trying to sent sensitive information from your internal network to the outside world.
  • Customised network based control & security solutions to suit your requirements.


Deal with sensitive network data and want to be able to do the following:

  • Have secure & encrypted local & remote backups.
  • Render the server hosting the relevant data inaccessible in the event of physical server theft; the file server data is inaccessible due to the pre-configured storage level encryption.
  • Authorize & monitor network file & folder access for specific users; grant network users permission to the relevant data & get notifications for successful network user file & folder access & / or failed unauthorised access attempts.
  • Host a secure file transfer server accessible remotely ‘only’ by authorised network users.
  • Allow different vendor laptop / computer users to access the same network folder or share; Windows, Apple & Linux based network users can access the same network folder simultaneous without worrying about the underlying ‘connecting client’ operating system.
  • Customised file & folder based control & security solutions to suit your requirements.


Need to know or enhance the security status of your infrastructure, be it for certification purposes – PCI, security posture an want to be able to do the following:

  • Want to know what security weaknesses or holes you have on your computers, network(s), software, data and information systems before the bad guys exploit them to gain access to our infrastructure. We conduct vulnerability assessments or Penetrating tests, that see us simulating actual hacks & attacks to expose the weaknesses; we will then recommend system patches to be applied so as to secure your systems; hence mitigating any risks.
  • Want an I.T Security specialist to oversee the functioning of the information security measures; that is, lead, plan, design, and implement the best security solutions for your personal or organisational needs.
  • Customised vulnerability analysis, ethical hacking & security advisory solutions to suit your requirements.


Need training on implementing the best security policies & measures for your organisation, and want to be able to do the following:

  • Employees training to foster an I.T Security conscious mindset. This helps enable your employees to be on the look out for commonly used social engineering related attacks, which is another attack vector usually used by hackers to gain access to your network.
  • Training on how to use our implemented security products or solutions.
  • Customised I.T awareness training resources & solutions to suit your requirements.

And more!!!, this is by no means a conclusive list, please visit their Contact Us,  Services and Projects page(s) for more detailed information pertaining to their products & services!

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Trevor Murimba a.k.a TechnoTrev is a Certified Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Specialist by profession, Information Security Publications Contributor on, MyBitSecure Projects Contributor and the Founder of SecureBinary. Besides spending countless days and late nights Playing the Guitar, Coding in Python, Hacking & Beefing up Security on his mostly Linux-based Virtual Environments; Trev has a strong passion for Open Source-based I.T Security Solutions, Decentralised Systems, BigData, Blockchain, ICS & SCADA Systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and literally anything that makes the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) a more secure place; through promoting a culture of I.T Security Awareness!
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