MyBitSecure – Codename ‘D3m0’ Project

By MyBitSecure –  March 13, 2017 –

Have you ever had a brilliant I.T Security idea, which you needed an expert to tailor-make for you but where hesitant to pursue because you felt that you might end up not liking the idea / product at a later stage, or because of your fear of the costs involved? Well, look no further, The MyBitSecure Team will not only built an awesome custom solution for you, but will make arrangements to initially give you the Hardware-based security solution as a Demo unit to test drive (at no costs) for at least two weeks before you make your final decision. The MyBitSecure – Codename ‘D3m0’ Project. Below is a list of MyBitSecure’s I.T Security solutions on Demo! Read More

Youth Pathways into Cybercrime

Acrobat Youth Pathways into Cybercrime
Author: Research leads: Professor Mary Aiken, Professor Julia Davidson & Dr Philipp Amann
Overview: Many security and police professionals spend their time analysing the technical and mechanical aspects of cybercrime, dissecting malware and exploit tools, forensically analysing code and techniques. However, few actively focus on the social and psychological aspects: who for example is the attacker, what motivates them, and more importantly how and when did this deviant behaviour begin? Understanding the behavioural and developmental aspects of cybercriminality is becoming increasingly important, and underlies the necessity of a shift in focus from sanctions to deterrence and prevention. That being said, there is an urgent need to understand the pathways that lead some young people into cybercrime hence it is important for parents to be aware of their own youth’s online activity and risk. Read More

MyBitSecure – Open Source-Based I.T Security Solutions!

Author: MyBitSecure I.T Security Team

MyBitSecure offers customised, discrete and specialised Open Source-based Information Technology (I.T) Security Solutions to Home users, Academic Institutions, Small & Medium Business Enterprises. We believe if you value Information Security focused solutions with other businesses, computers & users and don’t want to be limited by interoperability, proprietary data formats or homogeneous systems; Open Source-based I.T Security solutions are definitely the way to go!

Who needs MyBitSecure

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Ascending the Ranks : The Brazilian Cybercriminal Underground in 2015

Acrobat Ascending the Ranks : The Brazilian Cybercriminal Underground in 2015
Author: Trend Micro Security Team – Forward-Looking Threat Research (FTR) Team
Overview: The fastest route to cybercriminal superstardom can be found in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. Any criminal aspirant can gain overnight notoriety with just a little bit of moxie and the right tools and training, which come in abundance in the country’s untamed underground. Read More

Windows XP Hack

uTorrent RemoteWe sat, had a few drinks, he told me he had a couple of Open Source Projects he was working on and also described the technologies he had implemented to get one of his projects going. “Wait! Do these things actually exist?!” I asked… “Yes they do!”, he replied. Okay, I think I am going a little bit fast here; It all started when I was having a chat with one of my associates (long time close associate to be exact), he was telling me how excited he was to have spent the last couple of months investing in learning and implementing Open Source based Server Solutions. Most of his projects initially started / start off by him downloading a couple of Linux based software(s) (.iso images) in the form of torrents from Distrowatch using his TorrentBox. “What did you say, TorrentBox?” I asked, “Wait! Do these things actually exist?!” I asked (again (without even giving him the chance to answer))… “Yes they do!”, he replied. My questions or reasoning didn’t seem to move him, neither did his projects (as a whole)! His major concern was

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