Securing your data with VeraCrypt

VeraCryptOne of the best ways of keeping people out of your private accounts or preventing unauthorised local access to your personal information is by not letting them on your Desktop or Laptop in the first place, but how do you go about it? Well, it’s straightforward, you create a password! Is that it?, well ‘sort of’, is the response I usually get. Of particular interest is one of the most common misconceptions “I like to call it – False Sense of Security!”, that is, colleagues who usually boast their user profiles are impenetrable because they have ten+ (10+) character long passwords, but then again, what happens if passwords fail you? Ask me and I will tell you it’s simple! Securing your data

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WhatsApp Reborn – WhatsApp+ on steroids!

WhatsApp Reborn IconThe discontinuation of WhatsApp+ due to legal issues with WhatsApp led to the release of yet another more advanced version of WhatApp. Rafalense’s WhatsApp PLUS a.k.a WhatsApp+ had become one of the best and most used unofficial Mods of WhatsApp. It’s success was partly due to reasons I mentioned in an earlier post! Rahil Bhimjiani took over and came with another “Beast Mode ON” WhatsApp version he dubbed a rebirth of WhatsApp+. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp PLUS, what makes it unique?

WhatsApp+WhatsApp+ also known as WhatsApp PLUS  is one of the most popular messaging applications world over. However unlike WhatsApp, WhatsApp+ lets it’s users customise almost every aspect of the application’s interface and settings, that is (to name a few), one can customise their Conversation Screen, Main / Chat Screen and Contacts Screen. It is for this reason why WhatsApp+ is more appealing as compared to its alternative (the Official WhatsApp) Application. WhatsApp+, what makes it

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SSH Port Tunneling using PuTTY

SSH Port Tunneling using PuTTYHave you ever been in a situation where you feel like someone is watching you whilst you are working on your computer? Be it at the airport, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, at a client or on the move!? By watching you I mean, closely monitoring your network traffic, that is, your web browsing, your POP3 emails , your FTP file transfers, open VNC sessions and last but not least your remote desktop (RDP) sessions. Well, the good news is, you can make it difficult for someone to easily spy on you or intercept your traffic. The process of preventing people from snooping or eavesdropping your traffic requires one to force or redirect all the traffic to go via or through an artificial and encrypted electronic passage irrespective of whether

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Torrents, what you need to know!

TorrentsLike the most wildly used word on the web for 2013, torrents have similarities with “Error Code 404.” Normal day to day browsing or searching for items on the web, be it, reviews for books, movies or music via any search engine will likely return or list an alternative link to a torrent file readily available for download for the queried item.

Torrents enable users to share files or distribute large media files. It is because of this reason why torrents are so popular and are the primary means of sharing or trading movies, software, music, electronic books to name a few. The problem with torrents 

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