Mitigating Ransomware attacks using McAfee VSE Access Protection Policies

The image on the left is an awesome reminder of my first blog post. Ransomware really caught my attention to a point were, it ended up featuring as my first article. That being said, my reply to Gail’s comment really sealed the deal, to an extend were i just felt I had to revisit and unearth this post! My response read, “This is proof we are living in the “Cyber Crime Era!”. It’s sad but what makes it even more scary is, it’s happening and happening around the clock. I bet you this is just the tip of an iceberg….” Oh yes, spot on! I am no Fortune Teller, but all I can tell ya (replacement for you), is we are living in that era! Hmmm, some deadly rhymes ending with ‘aaaah!’ right?; but definitely not deadlier than the gist of the flow, Ransomware!!!! Hold on, besides my rhymes, I will not let you (Ransomware) intimidate me, because I have something to use to mitigate against you, 

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Securing your data with VeraCrypt

VeraCryptOne of the best ways of keeping people out of your private accounts or preventing unauthorised local access to your personal information is by not letting them on your Desktop or Laptop in the first place, but how do you go about it? Well, it’s straightforward, you create a password! Is that it?, well ‘sort of’, is the response I usually get. Of particular interest is one of the most common misconceptions “I like to call it – False Sense of Security!”, that is, colleagues who usually boast their user profiles are impenetrable because they have ten+ (10+) character long passwords, but then again, what happens if passwords fail you? Ask me and I will tell you it’s simple! Securing your data

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SSH Port Tunneling using PuTTY

SSH Port Tunneling using PuTTYHave you ever been in a situation where you feel like someone is watching you whilst you are working on your computer? Be it at the airport, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, at a client or on the move!? By watching you I mean, closely monitoring your network traffic, that is, your web browsing, your POP3 emails , your FTP file transfers, open VNC sessions and last but not least your remote desktop (RDP) sessions. Well, the good news is, you can make it difficult for someone to easily spy on you or intercept your traffic. The process of preventing people from snooping or eavesdropping your traffic requires one to force or redirect all the traffic to go via or through an artificial and encrypted electronic passage irrespective of whether

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TrueCrypt Audit

TrueCrypt AuditTrueCrypt better known for its real-time ‘on the fly’ and transparent encryption recently fell under the radar mainly because of the the fact that, not only does the source code behind it need to be reviewed but also the custom licensing governing it.

TrueCrypt is an open source based disk encryption and decryption software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Operating systems. Some of its features are entire drive or storage encryption, that is, full hard drive or USB drive encryption. With TrueCrypt one can also encrypt a partition or drive where Windows is installed and even created a hidden partition within another partition, let alone hide volumes on data discs. I have personally and still use TrueCrypt and I must admit this software works like a dream. However, the major concern is the controversial

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