Of Hacks & Keyloggers – Part 1

Of Hacks & Keyloggers…!!! “I don’t know what happened!; I don’t remember visiting any dodgy websites, downloading any weird apps, opening any suspicious emails or attachments, let alone links!, why I am receiving these sms & email notifications from my Bank!?!?” Sounds familiar right? Come to think of it, in most cases the unsuspecting victim is being honest. That being said, I just remembered something; a previous write up revolving around one of the methods used to carry out this type of attack. It can happen to anyone, in fact I was once a victim!



What is a keylogger? 

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SSH Port Tunneling using PuTTY

SSH Port Tunneling using PuTTYHave you ever been in a situation where you feel like someone is watching you whilst you are working on your computer? Be it at the airport, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, at a client or on the move!? By watching you I mean, closely monitoring your network traffic, that is, your web browsing, your POP3 emails , your FTP file transfers, open VNC sessions and last but not least your remote desktop (RDP) sessions. Well, the good news is, you can make it difficult for someone to easily spy on you or intercept your traffic. The process of preventing people from snooping or eavesdropping your traffic requires one to force or redirect all the traffic to go via or through an artificial and encrypted electronic passage irrespective of whether

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