Windows XP Hack

uTorrent RemoteWe sat, had a few drinks, he told me he had a couple of Open Source Projects he was working on and also described the technologies he had implemented to get one of his projects going. “Wait! Do these things actually exist?!” I asked… “Yes they do!”, he replied. Okay, I think I am going a little bit fast here; It all started when I was having a chat with one of my associates (long time close associate to be exact), he was telling me how excited he was to have spent the last couple of months investing in learning and implementing Open Source based Server Solutions. Most of his projects initially started / start off by him downloading a couple of Linux based software(s) (.iso images) in the form of torrents from Distrowatch using his TorrentBox. “What did you say, TorrentBox?” I asked, “Wait! Do these things actually exist?!” I asked (again (without even giving him the chance to answer))… “Yes they do!”, he replied. My questions or reasoning didn’t seem to move him, neither did his projects (as a whole)! His major concern was

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Remote Desktop (RDP) Vulnerability

Vulnerability knocked Servers offlineRecently, whilst I was having a chat with one of my long time friends (a couple of days just after New Year’s Day), it came to my attention that his Asset Management Business had gotten off to a bad start and wasn’t fully operational due to the fact that both his servers kept experiencing technical problems, well that’s what he told me! Due to the nature of his business he couldn’t readily access his client’s files when the need arose neither could he collaborate with them via email. This was partly because both servers hosted his clients’ files and emails and of late had been

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