WhatsApp PLUS, what makes it unique?

WhatsApp+WhatsApp+ also known as WhatsApp PLUS  is one of the most popular messaging applications world over. However unlike WhatsApp, WhatsApp+ lets it’s users customise almost every aspect of the application’s interface and settings, that is (to name a few), one can customise their Conversation Screen, Main / Chat Screen and Contacts Screen. It is for this reason why WhatsApp+ is more appealing as compared to its alternative (the Official WhatsApp) Application. WhatsApp+, what makes it unique?

Out of curiosity I decided to install WhatsApp+. Please note, in order to get WhatsApp+ working on your device (that is, Phone, Tablet or Phablet) the following requirements need to be met:

  • Your device needs to be root’ed (Android) or Jailbroken (iOS) – which is basically a process that allows one to gain full access to the Operating System running on their device. It enables one to get around any restrictions that the manufacturer or Mobile Carrier will have put in place or applied on the device, hence one can install any application, overwrite the current device’s firmware, overclock the devices processor to name a few.
  • Make sure there is no previous version of WhatsApp already installed.

After running WhatsApp+, I fell in love with a couple of things:

WhatsApp+ Conversation ScreenOn my left is a customised Conversation Screen. As you can see, WhatsApp+ gives one the power to be able to customise the colour, font size and font type of the contact’s name, Contact’s status, Contact’s and Sender’s text message. Basically everything you see on this screen can be customised! This is also applicable to the Chat and Contacts Screen. Personally I love this option as I love my style different…!





More Nifty Options:
WhatsApp+ PLUS optionWhatsApp+ has some more nifty options. One option that I personally like is the fact that one can increase the size of the files you can attach to around 30MB. One can also change the quality of the Video and the Colour of their WhatsApp+ Icon.





Stealth Mode:
This particular Privacy option is the one that basically got me really hooked to WhatsApp+. Basically with the new WhatsApp, when a message is sent, three things happen. You can either have any of the ticks below.

WhatsApp+ Settings Screen                                      Blue Ticks

In most cases, it is known that we do not always talk to or are very close to everyone in our contacts list. Hence at times not all read messages need to be replied to urgently. At times one just wants that personal freedom from a privacy perspective where they can go through their messages without having to worry about triggering read receipts or announcing their presence, a feature I can liken to making yourself invisible via Skype. Back to my story, that’s where WhatsApp+ takes the win, it also gives one the flexibility not to shows (on recipient’s side) two ticks and also not to show blue ticks if enabled.

That being said, it should be noted that WhatsApp+ is in no way authorized by and affiliated to the official WhatsApp Messaging App. The developers of the Official WhatsApp App do not in any way support it and part of the reason being due to the fact that WhatsApp+ is believed to contain certain sections of code that cannot be guaranteed to be safe. To add on to that, it is strongly suspected this version might be passing your private information without your consent to 3rd parties. So it’s a use it at your own risk type of App.

I am strongly not for the idea of reverse engineering Source Codes, modifying them without the Official Developers consent and taking the route WhatsApp+ took. From a security perspective WhatsApp+ users must be vigilante with regards to the information they exchange for reasons mentioned earlier. This project has led to WhatsApp+ users being banned from the WhatsApp platform.

That being said, I would love to see the WhatsApp+ ideas being embraced / considered by WhatsApp and being implemented in their future builds. Currently WhatsApp locks one from a customisation & Privacy perspective.

I know users are not forced to use WhatsApp but we all know what lock downs do or lead to! WhatsApp+, what makes it unique? Need I say it again? It’s these small little features that make a huge difference. It’s high time we level the playing field, work together, be transparent and give users the option to be flexible & in control of their messaging experience. Change is good, personally I love my style different…!

UPDATE25.01.2015: Due to legal issues with WhatsApp,WhatsApp+ was discontinued! WhatsApp+ users suddenly experienced a 24-hour suspension around the 21st which eventually lead to a shutdown of this build / Mod. However, (in my case) the Mod was still active & eventually stopped working towards the end of February.

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